Eat a Frog for breakfast – By @shein_dean

By Dean Shein


Eat a Frog for breakfast

In the words of Alexandra Taylor… ‘Eat a Frog for breakfast’. And so today I did.

I went on a long run this morning. I find myself constantly chatting to others about mindfulness. I ask them what is they do as their form of meditation. For some it is swimming, for others it tennis. Be it writing comics or sculpting vaginal fruit, taking time to really to really be present is liberating. The umbilical cord that stretches from our finger tips to our metallic devices is severed.


At the moment, my remedy of choice has been running. During this vigorously religious experience my mind is not in the past, it’s not in the future. It simply… is… It’s just one foot after the other. 

Today at about the 8 kilometre mark I entered into what drug users may call another state. As I zoomed through the park of Streatham Hill, my surroundings seemed to slow down in a reversed sort of way. I had reached my own equilibrium. My legs were working and yet I wasn’t thinking about them. Subconscious activity. It’s at these moments that one can have an enchanting idea. Absorbed in another domain… Immersed in wonderland. 

I run with music. It takes makes the journey almost ceremonial. I remember Ministry of Sound did these iTunes compilations called  ‘Running Trax’… 
It’s usually a power house mix of some sort that I run too. Usually starting off with some Funk ‘N’ Soul, followed by cosmic disco and Afro-beat and then some dreamy house music while on the home stretch… Sometimes there might be even a dash of techno for when the going get’s tough.

The track of choice for this run was ‘Yoga On E’ by Hungarian composer Gnork. His spiritual tracks are just so uplifting. Lush and spacey chords are combined with warm tribal drums. The perfect intergalactic concoction. Interesting fact: His name is a hybrid of the word ‘Geek, Nerd & Dork’. 

There’s no better feeling after a run… or after any frog you’ve eaten really. But with running as soon as you finish you reach a sense of tranquillity. I sat in my garden. Staring at the fountain above Patxi’s pond, suddenly all my senses came alive. I could here the running water, isolated from my surroundings and yet also synchronised to my environment.  I sunk into the chair. The Strawberry & Banana Innocent smoothie quenched my thirst.



I would like to end this SCAB on a different note. So here’s what’s going to happen… Anyone that comments on this SCAB will win a one off 3km coached running session with me. Comment away and we shall run from my place to a pub that’s not too close, yet not too far.

So, find your own mindfulness… It could be learning Japanese. It could be cheese tasting. It could even be scootering around like Olly. Sophie said she loves to Paint. Jacob loves to cook. Leli likes to bathe. Andy likes to play with his legs.  In term two, Patxi & I will start boxing with Miguel… 

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