Tick Tock. Tick Tock

Back in term 1 we got an interesting masterclass from Diana Jervis Read about the vital skill of time managment. A really important skill to master when juggling multiple projects that we want to give as much energy to as we can. Time management can help you prioritise, help reduce stress and also improve productivity

So for anyone interested. Here’s some times on how I manage my time and try (unsuccessfully sometimes though!) to keep all the plates spinning. 

  • Get your priorities straight!

    Do the most important thing first. The longer you procrastinate on it the worse it will get and you’ll be less likely to do it. I like to get up early and get the important things out of the way first. That way i’m all set up for the rest of the day.
  • Find your flow

    Everyone’s different. But I’ve found having a to-list or something similar that outlines what needs to be done everyday has been really helpful and has reduced my stress too. Share it with your creative partner. It avoids any confusion and there’s huge satisfaction in ticking things off.
  • Pomodoro your day

    Pomodoro Method. Splitting your hours into two 25 minute chunks of focused work with a couple of 5 minute breaks in between is a great way to spend and focus your energy. Just remember to take a longer break after every 4 pomodoros and stave off that mental fatigue.
  • N.O

    This one is my biggest issue. I’ll take on stuff for all kinds of reasons, mostly because of my people pleasing tendencies, making my own life more stressful in the process. Learning to say no is definitely a goal I’m setting myself this year. Still a long way to go though. 

Those are my tips. It’s difficult but so important to stick to. Good luck to everyone who has a deadline, make sure to balance your responsibilities.


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