Who’s Most Likely To – By HUSH intake 18/19

By HUSH intake 18/19


We’ve come to the end of the year! Let’s find out who’s ‘Most Likely To’:

(Write for the person below you, not yourself)


Aleksandra: Most likely to reunite Europe after a grizzly break-up. 

Alex T: Most likely to start learning 5 languages in a year. 

Alex B: Most likely to stage a coup in a small South American country, set up a cocaine cartel infamous for unparalleled violence, and put it in my book under “side hustles”.

Alfie: Most likely to become a beat poet or the next Edward Sharpe. 

Alysha: Most likely to redesign the team GB kit and stop the world from thinking we’re all red faced, chubby, white racists that drink Carling and throw stuff at the TV.
Andy: Most likely to become the world’s first thigh model and have them hams insured for a whopping undisclosed but massive sum.
Antonio: Most likely to be back at school on day one of the new year, with his yellow jumper sleeves rolled up, ready to mentor. Also most likely to be the subject of a fruity oil painting above Marc’s fireplace. 

Charles: most likely to trade his partner for a sweet pint.

DJ: Most likely to give birth to a million fireflies, each one more radiant than the last. They’ll explode from his stomach in a burst of beautiful colour. The light from their beating wings refracting into eternity forever. 

Dan: Most likely to turn into Jonny Black Pencil and create SCA 3.0

Forrest: Most likely to get sacked for humping the air during a pitch. 

Gémina: Most likely to create a poster that goes viral overnight and then move to France and set up Wieden + Kennedy Paris but work remotely from the Bahamas using Google Docs to do all her work. 

Holly: Most likely to become the most successful standup comedian in the world   

Jacob: Most likely to win over a french girl with his charm…. Oh wait.

Jemma: Most likely to get bionic crutch extensions instead of arms.

Joe C: Most likely to win the Guinness World record for the biggest ear lobe. Just the one.

Joe F: Most likely to become a semi-professional pornstar.

Joe R: Most likely to photograph bar-mitzvahs and funerals. 

Josie: Most likely to fuck it all off and become a youtuber that reviews nails. 

Karolina: Most likely to become the queen and officially ban all flat shoes

Lauren: Most likely to skin herself by scratching herself

Lucy: Most likely to become a cougar and get a restraining order from Taylor Swift

Leonore: Most likely to star in a feminist porno with Coco.

Maddy: most likely to get away with a fart and blame on her stinky vapes

Maria: Most likely to bump up the body count at the SCA summer party. 

Marta: Most likely to fake a Spanish accent for a whole year. 

Mary: Most likely to be CEO of Amazon and make Alexa a man. 

Max Most likely to teach grannies how to skateboard

Patxi Most likely to sack off advertising set up an Instagram and make us all jealous of his life.

Phil: Most likely to accidentally write an allegory about The great Marc lewis’ journey through his wild life.

Rachel: most likely to retire from ads and just draw porn. 

Saphire: Most likely to own 101 dalmatians.

Sophie: Most likely to get the memo wrong for the first day of work and arrive dressed as a crustacean. 

Tarun: Most likely to win a black pencil during an REM cycle.

Tom : Most likely to be driven insane by all the cunts in the ad industry and retire to a life of obsessively scribbling philosophical quotes on bathroom walls.

Victoria: Most likely to walk away from advertising to live a dazzling life of crime on the road stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. 

Zoe: Most likely to be heralded by Marc to future SCAers

Coco Most likely to get talked into making ‘just the one’ porn film by Marc and Pete until one turns into two and then three and then suddenly she takes a look at her life and realises she and Leli are running a multi billion pound porn business and can live like sexy versions of Hugh Hefner until one day she looks at her sex industry funded lifestyle and realises she just wants to help people reach their potential so she sells the business and opens a school.

Ruby – most likely to die first

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