Getting over it – By @cutemagicalstar

By Rachel Ogbaretin

Getting over it

I had a shit week, no pencil and low book scores, I’m trying not to spiral down but boy to I want to be angry and petty and sad but I’m not good at healthy expressing it without letting the rest of my emotional baggage loose upon the world, I know next week is a new start but after this week I still have my doubts. So instead I’ll do what I normally do and internalize it, repress it and let some of my feelings out on this poor scab post.

I will now write absolute jack shit from a point of view emotionally stunted 23 year old for the rest of this scab.

Here goes nothing

Fuck fuck fuck Jesus fuck fuck. My life is a mess I am a mess, fuck fuck fuck!

I wanted free beer and mini burgers and a shiny pencil but fuck me I guess fuck fuck, why can’t you come up with sell-able ideas you goddamn idiot, stop snacking and start thinking, fuck fuck fuck shit shit shit ducky fucky fuck how did we drop so fast what the fuck, how are we gonna get into cream now!!

Fuck shit ass why can’t I think of good ideas like everyone else, are jokes all I’m good for? Am I a joke? Oh god I’m disappointing Marc and Pete and Tarun and everyone else oh god oh god oh god. I know it’s just a score and pencil but it’s more than that you see fuck fuck shit, I needs me that sweet validation you know.

Fuck how else will I show Papa I’m not a failure, shit Christmas shit I’m the adland clown that’s all I’ll ever be? I have no friends outside to show work to and these clown hands aren’t good at making squat.

Fuck Frick shit how do I get out of this mess shit shit. Gosh damn it ducky fucky fuck! Shit how am I gonna come back from this. Oh fuck will I ever get out of this nose dive in the life curve, shit I only have 2 months left and I have no shit left to get together, Jesus fucking Christ!

How the fuck do I physically become Josie and Charles without resulting to cannibalism because I’m this close guys. Maybe then I won’t keep disappointing my partner like the pleb I am!

Fuck fuck shit shit fuck gosh darn, I’m not a baby but Why do I feel like one for being sad fucking shit. I’m probably overreacting. I should got over it. I totally will get over it. Yup like a mature adult whose used to this disappoint. Yup yup yup totally over this shit yup! Getting over it like a boss yeah, I mean will it stop me being super fucking shit at all of this, who fucking knows but at least this Adland ass clown will be totally get over this week. Fuck yeah I mean new week, new me right, a new chance to be a better clown!

Okay getting over all this in 3….2….1

Totally over it.

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