Date less.

After Pete’s masterclass on Tips at SCA, I learned all about the importance of not having a relationship at the school.

It’s easy to think that it is a good idea to have a relationship at SCA. But the truth is, however, it is the worst idea a student can have. Almost as bad as Alfie’s elevator for kinetic type or the Pepsi ad starring Kendall Jenner. More specifically, not having a relationship at SCA is necessary to:

Stay Alert. Not seeing someone who will sit across you everyday for the rest of the year, allows you to regain focus and tackle challenges. Not only will you be more likely to have a great portfolio and an amazing job, you also don’t need to worry about the needs of anyone but yourself.

Boost Memory. Taking masterclasses is the most important time we have at SCA. Masterclasses broaden our knowledge and helps us make connections between events, feelings and experiences. In fact, our mentors are helping us to form new learning and memory pathways in the brain. 

Fight Infection. You will not be infected with any STD’s. In fact you will also be 58% less likely to have a cold. (Not sure if pregnancy count, but you are a 100% less likely to get pregnant)

Be Active. Although you are not having the physical act of sex, which can be a great workout if you last longer than 10 min. Running away from temptations can be a great cardio workout. One which I recommend to many at the girls from SCA.

Replenish. Not having a fuckboy who plays with your mind, is a great way to stay free of all internal injuries which would otherwise needs to be repaired. 

Everyone has a thing they like to spend money on. And luckily for me, a man isn’t one of them. One of the first things I saw when I got at SCA, was the ideal SCA guy. So here he is:

Ideal SCA guy:

  • Medium size (a bit taller than me)
  • 100 % jewish
  • Well-educated – all the way down
  • Decorated with bad taste in politics and clothing, and then a gold juul
  • Soft spring lips, with a hint of cigaret
  • French on top of it

After insuring that I have the most perfect guy at SCA to be with… why is it not working out? This leads me to why I decided to write this blog. 

Being attracted to someone at SCA is extremely distracting and doesn’t help you focus on what you actually need to do. Instead of thinking about mess finding questions or creating an animal, you start thinking about scratching their neck while you choke them, kissing in a corner by the bathrooms. I’ve also realised that we each have a responsibility to the people we work with. And to be honest, it’s really not nice for your partner if you keep on looking at your crush with googly eyes. So my focus for the next two weeks will be to manage my feelings along side work, so I can be productive and produce all my best work at SCA so far. 

This was inspired by Scarlett’s SCAB: Sleep more.

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