DRY – By @_florussell


By Flo Russell 

I’ll start off this SCAB with a little confession- 

my first one took ages to write.

I desperately wanted to make an impression— 

the impression of not being shite.

So points were researched and lines were adjusted,

the process took over a week.

Then I sent it to Marc, and a friend who I trusted

would give me an honest critique.

So with my breath bated, I anxiously waited 

to see how this friend would reply…

“I do get the point you were trying to make but

my God it was awfully dry.”

Awfully dry? ……AWFULLY DRY?!!!!

It rang in my head for a day.

I knew that it wasn’t Nobel winning work,

but I thought it was somewhat OK?

A notion of greatness that I had constructed—

destroyed by just one single blow.

But how could it be that I’d so badly f*cked it?!

Honestly— I still don’t know. 

But one thing I do know which will help me later,

it’s good to be told that you’re crap

You’ll always learn more from your number one hater

than somebody patting your back.

(For Adi)

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