An Ode to Dave Trott , by @1CuriousGiraffe and @TomEspezel

Nina BeyersTom Espezel-Bentley

An Ode to Dave Trott By Nina Beyers and Tom Espezel

An Ode to Dave Trott


Trott’s coming to SCA.


Let’s hope the riffraff don’t misbehave


First time we met, we weren’t feeling brave


But now we can’t wait, a copywriting rave


Creating a Trans-Atlantic Mexican wave


Thousands of students he will enslave


With his distaste for the cliche phrase


From vanilla advertising he will save


So bring on tomorrow, a giant brain wave
Livesteam please please behave


If not — we have dug our own grave.


The man that time forgott?

Writes little. Says a lott.

Short sentences. Master of the full stopp.

Singeing paper with words searingly hott.

Tomorrow has my stomach in knotts.

The culmination of a month-long plott.

Let’s hope he’s not forgott.

2.30 pm. On the dott.



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