Deer Hometown Part 2. – By @bastien52530427



Deer Hometown Part 2.


It feels a bit weird when you get out of Chez Abel. After three hours, so many good dishes and a couple of bottles of wine, it’s like getting out of a long and intense story. Your mind is not completely here, stuck in this warm and comfortable room. Brutally! You find yourself outside. The night has felt in the city and you don’t recognize the streets you pass by to came here. The fresh air coming on your face reminds you that you’re alive, and then during the long hours you spent enjoying your banquet, the time has to keep running and the city keeps living. It’s time for a walk along the Quai de Saone, the quietest, and the most pleasant to walk to, especially after an intense dinner. The good thing is that from the restaurant you just have to cross a road, get down the first stairs you find and here you are, at the same level as the river. The wind here is stronger and you can hear the water strike again the large stones under your feet. You feel the imperturbable force, running across the city in the darkness and even in one of the biggest towns in France, you feel all the nature’s power, who allowed, back in time, the development of the Gaul’s capital. On the other side, despite the apparent calm of the city, the lights slightly draw the bottom of the hill, behind a range of typical lyonnaise houses. Time to time, an illuminated barge pass between you and this night painting, bringing some life on the dark river and changing your perspective of the view, due to the strange trajectory it has to take to follow the movement’s water and the bed’s river. Heading to the north, you will soon arrive near Le Vieux Lyon, so it’s time to cross one of the bridges that can lead you there and enter, probably in the most famous neighborhood of Lyon at least the most historical for sure. It can be disturbing if you coming during holidays but If not, you will avoid the crowd and then appreciate the calm and the good vibes floating around the small streets, with pavement on the floor, old buildings on each side and at some points the famous Traboules, those hidden cover little passages to pass from a street to an over quickly and secretly. When you walking in Le Vieux Lyon, you can feel a particular energy coming from the history of the place, mix with the present active life. It’s like a village in the city of Lyon, everyone knows everyone here, you can find everything you need. From some of the best bakeries to the best glacier in town. So for sure, it’s time to make a stop at Nardone and order an ice cream, I would keep it classic, dark chocolate, and blackcurrant. Take it away and just walk three more minutes to enjoy a calm and chill place behind the St Pau church, here you can seat on a bench, looking up to the top of the church and enjoyed the view and the dessert. If you are lucky, even if the church is strongly lightened, you’ll be able to see the stars, staying in the dark sky. This contrast between the lighting church and the black of the sky, giving you a strange picture, with a precise barrier between the first plan and the second, between the huge of human construction and the huge of the universe. When arrived at the last bites of your ice cream, start to head back and on your way, you’ll find your hostel. Ideally located, in the true heart of the old city, you will be pleased by the comfort and the aesthetic of the rooms in the Hôtel Collège. Everything you need to rest from your exhausting day and your delicious meal.

Bonne Nuit and see you tomorrow.

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