I like words. By @iamvandale

Adeline Dechaud

By Adeline Dechaud


I like words.

I like pictures and images but I think I like words too.

I like writing a lot. But in my native language. So when it comes to writing in English, I tend to freeze facing the emptiness of my paper. My mind just can’t think of a way to express my thoughts.

For example, I’ve been struggling since yesterday on what I would write tonight, and how.

But I really like words.

So I try to read. More than copywriters’ books. I try to write. More than scabs or propositions.

I try to memorise texts. More than songs I like dancing on.

I like the words Art Director but I like the word copywriter too.

I think I might like the word Creative even more.

I think I can learn how to write, do you think so too?

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