. @kylejforeman on #NewBlood

By Kyle Foreman



@kylejforeman on #NewBlood


Late nights. Tired eyes. Aching bodies. All for a small ceramic pencil.


I’ve enjoyed working with my partners on the briefs and the work we have created. But the actual process of finding the briefs online to now has felt strange.


We’re solely creating work to win something that many people from the industry say doesn’t matter to your future.


It’s a strange mentality that takes over. But here’s some things I’ve learnt from the journey of D&AD.


-Overthinking is the grim reaper. With only four weeks for D&AD overthinking can destroy your progress. You need to know when an idea is wrong but most importantly when it’s right. There is no point waiting and waiting for that “Brilliant idea” because sometimes the brilliant idea has to be dragged kicking and screaming out of something terrible. And if you don’t start crafting you won’t know.


– Constantly going back to the brief, not to find the actual problem, but to check you’ve answered everything so the judges have no reason to mark you down isn’t right and will only make your idea confusing and boring.


– Be single minded with your idea. Keep it tight. By solving one problem you open up the idea to so much more. It makes it more sophisticated.


– Letting it take over your life is okay. But don’t let it take over your mind. You need clarity of thought, to think of new ideas, to see things for what they are.


– Don’t forget about your portfolio during D&AD. This is what represents you as a creative.


– Craft is god.


– It’s your name that goes on the piece of work at the end of it. So own it. Make it how you want it.


– Be nice to everyone around you, as you’re not the only one on the rollercoaster.


Hope this helps.


Good luck penguins.

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