365 days – By @AliciaCliffe

Alicia Cliffe

By Alicia Cliffe


365 days


A year ago I’d just found out I’d been accepted to the school.


I was on a train on my way to the airport to travel to Budapest with my boyfriend when I got the call from Marc.


I remember thinking at the time how September felt so far away… and now it’s almost nearly over.


Before starting, I had an idea of where I wanted to be after the course had finished. I didn’t know how I was going to get there, what it was going to take or if it was even worth it.


But it was something to aim for, something that I thought I wanted to achieve.


I don’t want to sound cheesy, but there isn’t any other way to say it.


Time is precious.


I know you’ve heard that before, one of those quotes your soppy friend would share on Instagram, probably one that your mum has said after something bad happens.


A few weeks ago Ed Morris came into school and reminded us of this.


For a few hours, he changed the whole dynamic.


The room felt relaxed, the room had time to think.


He gave away lots of precious nuggets, but the one that resonated with me was about time.


He reminded us that it just passes you by, and it’s down to you to remember every moment.


Time is precious.


But it’s just so true.


We’ve just finished term two and I think most of us can’t believe it. We have learned a lot, but we have so much further to go. With hardly any time.


And with portfolio day on the horizon, it’s going to be a fear fueled few months.


We only have 14 weeks left at school.


That’s 98 days.


Only 2,352 hours.


Not very long at all.


But, what it also made me think about was people. That we all see time differently. 


Obviously everyone is different.


Everyone has an opinion, a way of looking at things and a way that they think things should be done.


And if every moment gives you something different, it’s up to everyone to choose what to take away.


So really, the only waste of time is if you take away what you think others want you to. If you do what other people think you should do instead of what you do. 


What I’m trying to say is, use time wisely. Not in a smart or philosophical kind of way, but in a ‘do whatever just be mindful that your doing it’ kind of way.

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