Note to self, by @mattJDkennedy

Matthew Kennedy

By Matt Kennedy – From the 2015/16 Intake


Note to self


I’ve been reflecting.  On the joys of winning a scholarship to SCA.  I was thinking of writing a big thank you, a how much it means, a big old back slap and cheeky ego tickle.  But truth be told, what a load of bollocks*.  It could all be worthless; the real work is yet to come.  Scholarship or no scholarship, we are all in the same boat.   

Today though, I do feel like a champion. This is because I have discovered I can make a cappuccino simply by furiously shaking the milk carton for a minute and then pouring.

Anyway I digress.  Reflecting.  To do this I thought I would share the notes from my phone over the last few months.  Unedited.  Could be dangerous.

See you all in September.





Half a beer


No chocolate for an answer

Bus driver wide back end

Get armpits waxed

Buy the economist


Who am I? Me meets me?

Pinot noir



Soap companies

Sound track


Sex pot(plant)

Speed up

Maybe this isn’t the end, but just the beginning.

It’s not 35 miles to Paris

Have you got a signing in book?

Stories all around us.

Fiona Dyson 9th

Golf channel.

The stationary tour

Chris Isaac – Wicked Game

Breast cancer skin, lung cancer shit, a brain tumour shit, skin cancer oh well could be worse.

9kg olive oil, 5.6kg coconut oil, 4kg palm oil, grapefruit seed extract, 400ml fragrance

I am Tyler Durden

Shit you can’t flush

Soichi terada

A story no one else could tell


The vanity window

Stopped two dwarfs, rob a man

Follow your passions.

Got loads of basil in it.

Don’t invest emotion in my umbrella

Cat and cereal bar

Save the granny with a crime biscuit

Fish water

Going anyway nice? No

Put washing up in shower


*That said I am very thankful.

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