Single and loving it

I’ve had the pleasure of being mostly a single creative throughout this course, knowing I wanted to head towards experiential or guerrilla marketing — which only requires you to be single. By the start of term three I’d made a miraculous discovery thanks to one mentor (thank you Mike!). He pointed out an area called Creative PR, although this didn’t change my single status it opened up my world to a new area to explore. It’s been difficult to grasp at times but also really exciting to do.

I’ve been fairly independent my whole life but you know, technically, I’m not a single. I discovered after talking to a coach that my inner child does all the creative thinking, I leave it to her to do my assignments. Before the age of six I was always coming up with ridiculous experiments that would fail fantastically, like seeing if an unboiled egg would bounce off the floor from a great height. I was an explorer too, always discovering bizarre places I shouldn’t climb into e.g. the tumble dryer. Grown-up me meanwhile does all the rubbish boring real life stuff on the side, deciding what to eat tonight, sorting out the bills, etc. As well as looking after her, making sure she gets to bed early (we’ve had arguments over this quite often…).

So I’ve found being single you can make decisions a lot faster. Only problem is, you can also be your own worst enemy. At times you might have no idea whether you’ve struck gold or not, which has happened to me a lot over the year. I would sometimes sit with baited-breath as the work was looked at by someone else, trying to gauge any visual reactions to give me a clue as to what they were thinking and feeling about the work. Which, by the way, is ten times harder over Zoom when you can’t sense the atmosphere.

Needless to say there’s always been a, “This is great but…”. Which then makes decisions about redoing the work a lot easier since I don’t have to consult a partner beforehand. It helps if you know a lot of the programmes you have to work with too as you won’t always be able to rely on someone else. Same with copywriting, luckily I had a great English teacher in Secondary School and I play Scrabble A LOT. In Primary School, I was taught to be very self-reliant. As I grew older I made a rule for myself — try to work it out yourself, if you get really super stuck though ask for help! Thanks to the internet and YouTube this has made working out problems a lot easier.

I hope the weird ramblings above helps any other singles find themselves on this course. I wish the new intake “Stick It” the best of luck on their journey at SCA, a lovely cohort to get to know in such a short time. Should they, or anyone, need to ask me something or just talk DM me on Twitter @iroxdesign .

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