Excitement, Course Anxiety, and Third Degree Burns

In preparation for the course we were asked – why do you want to be in this industry?

Why do you want to be in this industry Holly?

Honestly, I plan on doing an L Ron Hubbard when I hit my twilight years, and I think building a solid set of skills to influence the masses would give me a huge competitive advantage. Joking aside, it’s been a longstanding dream of mine.

Sat behind desks or handlebars, my whole working life I’ve always felt like somewhat of a square peg in a round hole. But with age, I think I’m less of a peg and more of a puzzle piece with a bunch of beautifully irregular sides. I observe everything around me on instinct, I have multiple planes of conversation existing in tandem in my brain: writing and creating is my outlet for the noise. Adland would be a positive outlet for me, one that could help me to help people (or faceless corporations) achieve their goals – whether that’s selling nicotine to teens, or getting more families to visit Disney. 

So when I found out I had been accepted to SCA you can imagine my excitement levels. Excitement with a heady infusion of anxiety – Am I going to make it? Will it be what I expected? Will I be what they expected? Will my work be any good?

If that wasn’t enough to set my brain into a spin, we also got sent a tonne of stuff to do in preparation for the course. I’m beyond jazzed to get into it, but in true Holly-esque style, I sustained 3rd degree burns to my right hand, rendering me a lopsided charred mess, unable to complete the most basic of tasks.

But to be honest I’m glad it happened. I was able to take time out from work, and really think why I want to be in AdLand. On a deeper and less flippant level for once, and I’d like to leave a repository below of reasons why.

Having a creative landscape that is overwhelmingly white, male and middle class will always lead to work that could offend those of us that aren’t. If we aren’t in the room when the discussions are being had, how can things ever get better?

So why do I want to be in this industry? Because AdLand is not reflective of the people they are trying to communicate with. Adland needs people like me. Irregular-edged people. To complete the puzzle. 

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