Being Thankful & Some Unanswered Questions – By @AliciaCliffe

Alicia Cliffe

By Alicia Cliffe


Being Thankful & Some Unanswered Questions


Yesterday, we welcomed 7 new potential SCA members for intake 16-17.


It’s scary to think that the process for our replacement has already started. It only feels like 2 seconds ago that I was standing in front of Mosh, with what felt like thousands of eyes staring back at me, hoping to gain a place at the school.


But what is even more apparent is just how much it hammered home how lucky we all are to be here.


When the candidates came in yesterday they asked us a range of questions, in which a few focused on the help and support we have from mentors in the studio. Although we answered all the questions, some probably in too much irrelevant detail, I don’t feel we did those questions any justice.


So to any potential new SCAers another take.


It’s not an easy thing being at SCA. It’s hard work, long hours and a lot of head banging against a brick wall. Occasionally, we all take being here for granted.


We are in such a brilliant position, surrounded by people who are giving hours on hours of their time to help us into the industry. And they’re not just any people; they’re industry legends, game changers and head to toe bursting with creativity creatives.


Each and everyone have a different nugget of gold to give that you don’t even need to dig to find. The mentors are stood arms wide open willing to help us improve.


This is across everything we do, including perspectives on work, creative techniques, visual styles, ways in which to consider different audiences, ways to questions your work, how to get your head around strategy and even ways to get a job.


And in no other place will you ever go week-to-week meeting people such as John Hegarty, Tony Brignull and even pitching work to Steve Henry.


I have never been in a position in all my life in which I can genuinely say that constantly surprising and inspiring people surround me. Which goes to the students too – you guys are great!


So if you’re looking for a school in which you’re ready to work harder than hard, give it everything you’ve got, meet amazing mentors and work with people who want this just as much as you, then you’re looking in the right place.



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