PETE & The Spirit of the Beehive

Please, if you wish, listen to Thorns by Algae Bloom as you read:

Pete Cain came in and asked us to stand up and say what we wanted to be. To commit our desires-dreams to language in a public forum, to testify. This was startling and made us quite scared. To commit to the pursuit of excellence so boldly is to both raise the stakes of our daily day to day and to “free ourselves” (Mr Cee) quite profoundly with all the clarity and peace that saying the truth can bring.

I said: I would like to make life-changing films. And I should add: to live in Mexico. Both desires slightly shocked me and I saw all the ways I turn my back on this truth – routinely. 

But I also saw a very edifying reality within the fantasy. The feeling of acknowledgment and recognition when one turns a path and suddenly sees their home. Sees their half-conscious wanderings never truly lost their axis. There’s hope in that. A grain of resilience that we can use to respark our desires and set out from again. 

There is a moment in The Spirit of The Beehive when the director cuts to the return of the house – no need to show the in-between – just the same walk, this time with different knowledge – and I thought how bold to cut like that – I will be fearless and keep stabbing in the dark, provoking too. 

More importantly – I will share the first draft for feedback widely among those I trust and not settle until I am sure we have exhausted all our depths and avenues. “The enemy is yourself, posed as a question” (Truism for Dummies, Headache). “The only one who writes is the one who erases” (quoted from The Medium is the Message by Marshall McLuhan).

Final takeaway for you: Who do you want to be, if this person was THE BEST, at what you want to do. Email yourself 10 years from now, imagining a day in the life as this best-version-you in 10 years time. Remind yourself of this image and inner-knowing.

Final takeaway for myself: Make a list of commitments that mean I am routinely becoming who I want to be. 


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