Rollercoaster Week @helenapelsmae

By Helena Pelsmaekers 

It was a mini rollercoaster week. I’m saying mini because I’m assuming that compared to the real deal, this will probably seem like nothing. This scab is all about digesting the memorable moments of the week.

The #MeToo movement: It was bittersweet. It creates a bond between women across the world, but the subject that makes us connect and stand up for other women should not the reason why we’re uniting. I felt like my experiences with sexual assault weren’t grave enough to put a #metoo post out there, but at the same time it feels like approving those vile manners acted out by men. That’s certainly not what I want. And just because we don’t post it doesn’t mean we’re not brave or ignoring the problem. But I’m grateful for the women who did and assured everyone they’re not alone in this.

The Facebook brief: it gave us a taste of what is coming for us later on in the year. And I felt like it was a bit too early for a brief this big and a subject this sensitive. We struggled to find the big message we wanted to communicate to our audience. The biggest problem we had is we couldn’t look past the medium itself. We worked on visual ideas that would fit the different kinds of adverts. And when I look back at it now I understand what went wrong, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do it correctly right away on the next big brief. I’m assuring myself it’s part of the learning process, and I always felt that my ideas in the past lacked that one big insight and that one simple idea. This brief also made me realise SCA is a personal learning process that goes along with the creative one. I close myself off from people. And that’s not what I was used to be like. But bad experiences made me shut down completely. And right now, it’s a process of learning to like myself again and that I can contribute to something, without demeaning myself. Compared to the first week I feel like I’ve opened up a bit more but it definitely takes time.

Carolines writing class: at the moment I’m leaning more towards Art Direction, but that didn’t stop me from putting myself up for the class. I‘m convinced that this class does not only benefit the copywriters. I learned a great deal about how to spark creativity starting from an object, having to work with more writing rules and boundaries, the pressure of time,… in only 4 hours. It also felt liberating to just write. I haven’t freewritten a lot on my own the past few years, so it’s rediscovering an old love.

There were a lot of ups and downs this week, but I impressed myself for not letting the stress take over.

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