You can’t really be a nurse if you can’t deal with blood. – By @nclrolly

By Rolly Ng


You can’t really be a nurse if you can’t deal with blood.

Lawyer, accountant, doctor or bus driver? Every kid has a dream to become someone or something when she grew older.

When I was the size of a carryon suitcase, I wanted to be a nurse. Nurses have a holy job, they are nurturing and caring. They have a lot of love. One day, my lovely sister asked me, ‘Are you sure? You will see blood.’ Then, I recalled the terrible feeling of fear when going through mandatory vaccination in my school. With just one drop of blood, I knew I had to let this dream go away.

Size of a 26″ suitcase, I wanted to become an astronaut. Many of my drawings had me in a UFO. I don’t really like reading English books, but at that time, coping with text in English on the topic of outer space makes it bearable. My private tutor asked, ‘Why are you so interested in space? I can just imagine a lot of garbage there. You know, celebrities shoot their photographs into space so no paparazzi would be able to find out their secrets and gossip.’ Later, I discovered that many people die on their missions to Mars, the moon, and wherever. Too risky, I don’t want to die. On top of that, studying physics is essential to be an astronaut, the subject is alright but only up till A-Levels.

Aeronautical engineer, a similar story to above. The dream ended in the same way.

I love Japanese culture. I thought of studying in a school for j-pop child actors so I can be one too (or at least a friend of that famous boy band call Hey Say Jump). I looked at the entry requirements, they are all in Japanese and I naively thought that the school would accept me if I can speak Japanese. Reality hits. Of Course you can’t do that in two months, you dummy. I did learn Japanese for a year in Uni. Right now, one of my goals in life is to visit Japan for a year or two and properly learn the language. Maybe when I have a career break.

Actress. I think everyone at some point has this dream of becoming famous. I was extremely strategic about successfully becoming one. I thought of going big, and during that time, all the famous Asian actors who made their name in Hollywood do some sort of martial arts, so I concluded the only way for me to be famous is to enter the industry as a martial art actress. I learnt Wing Chun (a type of martial arts, what you see in the movie Ip Man).

Psychologist/ Therapist/ Counsellor. I had a really inspiring teacher when I encountered psychology here. Wanting to dive deeper, I applied for psychology courses on UCAS, missed the grades so did philosophy with psychology. I didn’t really know what Philosophy was. Yet somehow, I managed to survive three years. Going back to my wishes to work in mental health, I am still interested in that field but maybe not professionally; I don’t mind taking those roles when my friends need one though.

Art Director/ Copywriter/ Thinking Creative/Strategist- a dream working in progress.

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