Albert Camus – By @ggflrs

By Gémina Gil Flores

Albert Camus


It happened. I missed a SCAB. So I’ve got to do one everyday until… Who knows. 

In order to make that interesting I’ll talk about different artists that I love everyday.


Let’s start with Albert Camus. 


Albert Camus is a French writer. He was born in 1913 and he dies in 1960. 

I’ve got a special relation with him cause the first “real” book I read was from him. It’s called “L’étranger” and it belongs to “the absurd” which is a very interesting and complex literary style.

The incipit of the book is 


« Aujourd’hui, maman est morte. Ou peut-être hier, je ne sais pas. » 

« Today, mom is dead. Or was it yesterday? I don’t know. »


This sentence became one of the most famous incipit of the French literary. Reading that definitely makes you want to read all the pages, then all the book, then every other books he wrote. In one sentence, Camus tell more than some other writer would have say in a whole book.


The story take place in Alger, Algeria. Camus had a personal relation with this city and this country. His dad was born in Alger and so was a “pied noir” (“black feet”) as we say in French, meaning the French people born in Algeria. Maybe you don’t know but Algeria was a French colony until 1962 – so Camus family was part of the first French colonising Algeria. Camus mention this country in almost each one of his books. You can feel how much he loved it, and how deep was his relation with it. It’s really interesting how much culture, travelling and experience add to someone story and stories. 


I will not tell the story of this book as I’d rather you to read it. Trust me it worth it. Then read “La Peste” as is my second favourite one. For me theses too are the best ones he wrote. 


Before I leave you to work on my book, let me tell you my little personal story with Camus.

When I was 17, I went on holiday in the South of France (grr miss it) with my parents friends and we went out in to have dinner in a beautiful small village called Lourmarin. We walked around the village and I saw Camus quotes written in every window shop. I asked why and my parents friend told me that Camus was buried in this village!!! So I begged them to go to the cemetery. By chance I had “l’Etranger” in my bag (trust me) and so I wrote a message on the first page and I let it on his grave. Anyway was a unique and strong moment I will never forget. 


I try to negotiate with Marc to clean the kitchen instead of doing this SCABs so hopefully I don’t see you tomorrow but if he says no, we’ll talk about Martin Paar. 



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