Surfing SCA – By @garnettsca

By Henry Garnett



Surfing SCA

I’ve just had a good read of the 8 top tips for this years intake. The realisation that the SCA is actually happening in a few days has arisen an inordinate feeling of apprehension. I’ve been paddling for a while now trying to get myself into a position of alignment with it. As it approaches all Im thinking is relax and stay calm. It looks angry from here. It looks like it might eat me alive.

Each and every tip I read seemed to draw me out into deeper water. I don’t feel prepared. I don’t feel ready. Maybe thats normal. I have spent the whole summer in a dark room neglecting a social life so I can finish off any work that will interfere with my time at the SCA. I’ve been trying to draw a line under my previous life so I can focus solely on navigating the barrel approaching, but it seems pretty obvious now that its been the wrong manoeuvre.

The tips have illuminated a shift in perspective. I can’t have it black and white. Its not about drawing a line anywhere. I allowed the time to drain away from me as the work kept coming in, but the water keeps moving. You have to sink or swim. Having some distractions sometimes may actually come in handy but by all accounts the waves no joke. Im trying to get in a position now to move with it.

Underneath all the fear and apprehension theres a buoyant feeling of excitement though. Im fucking excited. There are people out there that would murder a family of sea turtles for the opportunity that we have this year. And they’re endangered. The excitement levels are rising but so is the sea level. I think that is about as far as ill murder this analogy.

I think what I am trying to say is I’m confused. I’m excited but Im fearful. Reading those tips was insightful but it affirmed to me that we’re going to have to adapt very quickly to whats coming and work hard to get the most out of the opportunities. Intense focus is obviously going to be important but forgetting the reasons we got into the school in the first place isn’t going to leave us anchored in anything solid.

Regardless, Im looking forward to meeting all the fellow strugglers out there. Somewhere down the barrel hopefully we can stand up (sorry).

Save the Sea Turtles.

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