The Click @gnomeegnome

By Naomi, Gnome, Taylor 


The Click

Start with the research.

Absorb information and look everywhere,

the data, the facts, the who, what and where.

Bring it all together into one big pile.

Analyse, squeeze, observe and trial.

Find the insight, find the undiscovered.

Reveal a truth that has yet to be uncovered.

Distill it down, reduce and tighten.

The proposition doesn’t have to be pretty.

But make sure it unlocks your creativity.

If it doesn’t, go back to the core.

Change a word, the direction or who it’s for.

A problem has many solutions.

Simple is the key to powerful communications.

Does it stick?

Use six hat, the techniques and things will click.

If you don’t do any, you can tell,

your campaign will suffer and it won’t sell.

Do the same route multiple times.

Turn it, break it, colour it, give it some time.

Never settle too early with something that’s okay,

Only hard work and determination will pay.

It’s easier to say than to follow it through.

Put in your work, the best version of you.

It’s easy when you get it right hard when it’s wrong,

Breathe and focus, move along.

Keep on trying and you’ll find the best.

But don’t do all-nighters, you’re gonna need the rest.


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