What will you miss most about SCA?


By MOSH – The Intake of 2014/15


What will you miss most about SCA?


Georgia – All you guys, all of the mentors and having the creative freedom to come up with whatever we want to.

Clarissa – Ian

Lucy – Late people dancing in the morning. Marc’s awkward pipe smoking silences. Hannah, Honor, Clare, Ian, Marc, Toufic, Jean, Caroline, Pete, Rob Techno Binfield, and all the other lovely people who have looked after me.

Ed – Pervin on gurls.

Marcella –  cheap vodka at reflection Friday

Frazer – The point

Nathan – The first half of the year.

Elin – Weeing in the boys toilets.

Hannah – all of you.

Mawby – Making case study videos.

Stephen – Brixton. If it wasn’t for SCA I would never have spent any time there. It is without a doubt one of the most vibrant and creative places in the city. Oh, and Marc’s trousers. Obviously.

Ash – Group SCABs

Mikey – stroking Ian’s fuzzy head. Sigh.

Dounia – The toilets.

J.T. – That preacher outside the train station.

Fiona – Late nights with the gack up in Hootanannys.

Lawrence – All the people. All of them.

Jacqui – Vikki, Caroline, Jean; and anyone else I’ve had to run to for help over the year.

Soren – SCA.

James – Reubens from Rosies

Tom manning – The birds that have nested and grown in my top knot.

Rob – Da peeps, both mentors and fellow inmates

Adam – mojo’s dancing

Charlie – Joel’s dad jokes

Ben – Fellow MOSHers. It’s been without doubt the toughest and most stressful year of my life, but also the most fun. All thanks to the wonderful people I spent it with #wet


Nick – Subtly slipping sharpies slowly in my bum.

Martin – Georgia Horrocks

Zoe – Teddy

Joel – Football and going to Market House on Fridays after school. Ah, good times.

Nina – All of the mentors. And the staff at Greggs.

Annie – Soren

Tom Espezel – Open goals in football on mondays.

Jeremy – Cheap vodka

Edwina – Everyone’s well rested faces in the morning

Marco – I going to miss… when you… look… and…  yeah… I know… because thats… what… why… yeah…soon…thanks…

Pugh – 505 Reflection

Teddy –  Harsh Patel

Eytan: Coming in expecting Marc to twist our day into something I hadn’t planned.

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