Alternate podcast prep for SCA – By @hcntweet

Alternate podcast prep for SCA

You can’t be what you can’t see. It’s why prep for SCA involves consuming a list of books, articles and podcasts. Working through this library of learning, new students enter the school with a list of names and campaigns to look up to. 

One of the biggies on that list is the Dave Dye podcast. Marc suggests several stand-out episodes to start with. I won’t name names, but let’s just say all those episodes feature names like Dave, and John and Joe. In fact, the entire run of interviewees on the Dave Dye podcast have names like Dave, John and Joe. 

If you can’t be what you can’t see, perhaps it’s fair to say you can’t be what you can’t hear.

If, like me, you are a self-identifying woman needing to hear it’s possible for someone like you to exist in this industry and have a story to tell, here’s some suggested listening: 

This Way Up

Vicki Maguire

Vicki is one of the most-awarded creatives in the industry, a CCO at Havas. It’s humbling to hear her embrace the blag it mentality. Having stamina to hack your way through life is one of the most underrated human attributes – talent can only take you so far, being tenacious takes you further. Vicki takes us through her early foray into fashion, and shares an enraging anecdote revealing the expectations placed on women in the workplace. 

This Way Up

Rania Robinson

This podcast is so good I’ve subscribed, so here’s a second recommendation. Rania is the CEO of Quiet Storm, the agency she runs with her (professional and personal) partner, Trevor Robinson. She’s covered all bases throughout her career, from planning to production, proving no path is set in stone. 

All Good Copy

Cindy Gallop

The All Good Copy Podcast EP.20 – CINDY GALLOP

Cindy Gallop needs no introduction, which is probably why Glenn (Fischer, the podcast host) skips one. With her usual enthusiasm and wry wit, she sums up some of the barriers women face in advertising and, well, life in general. 

All Good Copy

Vikki Ross

‘Vikki Ross is a nice person’ is Glenn’s intro for this episode. She sure is, and so much more. Vikki has a palpable ability to empathise with anyone, allowing her to write for multiple brands in as many voices. This episode is a warming warm up for her SCA copy masterclass. 

Lecture in Progress

Amie Snow

Amie Snow proves alternative routes into advertising are possible. In this episode, she recounts her squiggly journey from studying Forensic Science to a placement at Ogilvy. You’ll also hear about the ways she’s pushed Ogilvy to meet its pledges on diversity and inclusion. 

Lecture in Progress

Leyya Sattar

The Other Box’s commitment to creative diversity is core to its business model, not a bolt on the side. At a time when agencies are being called to account for the gender and ethnic disparity in the workforce, Leyya has set a precedent for how to tackle the issue without tokenistic gestures.

Lecture in Progress

Laura Jordan-Bambach

If you fear that climbing the career ladder will mean less time creating, more time managing, Laura’s interview is a reassuring listen. She discusses the ‘curatorial’ nature of her role, and its balance of business, leadership, and hands-on creative work.

Influence (from WeTransfer)

Gail Gallie 

Gail was CEO of Fallon before leaving adland in 2014. She went onto co-found Project Everyone, a not-profit agency using advertising and communications for social good. This one comes with a warning – Gail is brutally honest about the good, the bad and the very, very ugly of advertising. She alludes to it as “the pointlessness of consumerism, and how much time is wasted, and money and genius, against these things that don’t just not matter but make things worse”. Arguably a healthier, if sobering, view of advertising right now. That said, she’s gone on to use her communications skills and experience to do incredible things. Listen and feel inspired. 


Chaka Sobani

And back to a Dave Dye podcast. But different. This series was recorded during the early lockdown and, paradoxically, has a lighthearted, slightly foolish tone – think Dave off-duty. It’s more of an industry insider catch-up than a delve into advertising, and could easily be out-takes recorded down the pub afterwards. Fitting, because Chaka is someone you’ll fancy a pint with after listening (and laughing) to this. 

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