Can you teach an old dog new tricks ?

Sam Markham






By  @13samuels


Week 4 SCA 2.0 I force my way upstream through the Brixton commuters wondering if they re really running from some kind of apocalypse , imagined or real, and find myself back at school. 

School is certainly a loose definition of the place I m about to walk into!

It’s almost undefinable in structure but yet very structured .. For one it’s in a church that can t but help fill it with a gravity and every time I describe the recent days spent there to family, friends or down right strangers they re wide eyed and exclaim ” How! What? Can I go? ” 

To which I say of course just come by!

Well to this old dog it’s been an eye opening experience …Improv class, life drawing, meeting heads of industry, coding, mug painting , timekeeping , tit bits of wisdom , juggling (literal and metaphorically ) mindfulness and of course advertising..and that’s just our Monday  !

My mind has been thrown in to some kind of washing machine with a seemingly endless amount of cycles ! Am I getting dizzy ? Yeah Kind of! 

But that’s the point! Like clay that’s been left to set in the air for a little too long this is all like drops of water my brain is absorbing and coming back to some kind of sculpt-able  form ! It s certainly kneaded ! ( excuse the pun) 

The old tricks are great 
The new ones fascinating 

Wish me luck! Woof!

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