It’s Not a Path, It’s A Slog

Finding my creative voice has been something of a mission throughout my now dwindling twenties, the early to mid part of which was spent trying to find identity in the music industry. After a multitude of years spent trying to find my creative voice I’ve come to a final conclusion, creativity and the life of a creative is a compulsion and that no sane person would ever embark upon this route as a career path. I think there’s a mythology surrounding creative people that it’s something that comes naturally, effortlessly and joyfully, whereas in actual fact it’s a slog. 

I think if anything SCA has reinforced this idea. Even the school’s motto of “hard work beats talent” alludes to this, the idea that anyone comes into the school fully formed as a ‘creative’ just because they are creative is something I think we all expected, and reality has been a harsh slap in the face, I’m sure to most of us here. That being said, the slog is damn effective, the amount of progress I’ve made in the last 8 months is probably the fastest I’ve developed in a single creative discipline in my life, and I think the great thing is, is that what we’ve learnt in SCA in regards to creative discipline is transferable. 

In my mind creativity is (and I know this is a cliché) a muscle and overexertion causes a breakdown in your ability to continue, but timed and targeted application of the creative process can be incredibly rewarding, and the thing about SCA is, if you want to get anything else done outside of school, timed and targeted needs to become your new mantra. 

As doom and gloom as this all sounds, the sense of accomplishment and reward that you get out of getting to the end of a long creative project and having seen it through from conception to delivery, is incomparable. So I guess the slog is actually all worth how much effort, energy and determination you have to put in. So yeah creativity is a massive slog, and choosing to be a creative is not an easy career path, but at this point in my life I don’t think I want to do anything else. 

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