Eva’s First SCAB – By @EvaMenovsky

By Eva Menovsky


I misread the due date to hand in the passion project, so stupid. I thought it was on Friday the 8th, I wrote it everywhere FRIDAY THE 8TH HAND IN PROJECT. So when I got a phone call on Wednesday morning asking why I didn’t send it yet, I freaked out. I called a friend of mine, who was supposed to help me, and already helped me to make a start, in the evening with editing (since I have no idea how editing work) and luckily he didn’t go to school, so he was free all day. We worked so hard on it for the next 7 hours, a lot of things went wrong though (why do computers have their own will?!) that after we needed to just sit back, drink a glass of whiskey and smoke a cigarette. This is what my life is going to be for the next year.


The last days at home were hectic anyway. What do you need to pack for a year? My room one big mess, since everything was out in the open if you don’t know what to pack. All my friends were coming over all the time, most of them complaining about the mess, trying to clean it but then crying because I was going to bring all of their favorite clothes.


Ever since I got back from Berlin (I lived there for 5 months, doing a dance course) Amsterdam gave me many opportunity to explore myself.  I worked as an assistant in an antique shop for glass where I learned everything you need to know about glass. I worked as an assistant stylist for commercials and magazines. I started different projects with friends, where we painted and made clothes. I helped friends of mine throwing this party, where artists came to perform, a dance class was giving, we were selling our own sweaters and shirts, you could watch or attend live painting and delicious food was sold. At all this jobs and projects, I have gotten a lot of new friends. You finally start to bond and talk about all the heavy things in your life, you are starting to care about the other person, you start to see them everyday and then right there in the middle I had to leave.


And then my mom kept coming into my messy room, asking: did you find a room already? All my friends had to leave and I had to look for a room for hours and answer all my emails (politely).

Saturday, after my final drink with my friends and family (everybody cried, because everybody was wasted), I was exhausted.

And Sunday morning early, I arrived in London.

(And of course, I still haven’t found a place to live).

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