Adweek Europe – By @_sarahalliday

By Sara Halliday



I went to Adweek this week. It was good. I wanted to share some things that I learned, heard, and observed.

  1. Children are a big deal
  2. Kids love slime videos
  3. The industry needs more diversity
  4. No but seriously, everyone looked the same and sounded the same
  5. Snapchat isn’t dead (according to the CEO of Snap)
  6. You can get resealable cans
  7. People are engaging with the Stylist visible women campaign
  8. Belgium is the only country with a strawberry farm
  9. Apples are 25% air
  10. Doing passion projects helps to ‘keep your third eye squidgy’
  11. You can get a free breakfast if you ask
  12. VIP is a term used loosely
  13. Shakeshack does a mean veggie burger
  14. David Badiel is exceptionally funny
  15. Under 11s self-regulate online more than previous generations
  16. Companies film Snapchat ads on iPhone for authenticity
  17. Kids know when they’re being patronised
  18. Coke don’t buy marketing spend for under 16s
  19. Kids publishing is having a renaissance
  20. Adidas ran a Snapchat campaign where you had to keep a ball up to earn a special filter
  21. Snapchat is cool from a creative point of view because you get 100% of screen real estate
  22. You should hire people who are completely different to you
  23. Hold a ‘fuck it Friday’ so staff can work on creative projects without fear of failure
  24. Passion projects make your client work better
  25. Insomnia is strongly related to stress
  26. Everyone has problems
  27. Amy Kean is a really good egg
  28. Good leaders admit when they’re having a bad day
  29. Picturehouse Central is a lovely cinema
  30. They make current affairs magazines for children
  31. You should be able to take your whole self to work (if you want to)
  32. Managers worry about saying the wrong thing to someone with mental health issues
  33. Kids love quizzes, and do them again and again until they get the answers right
  34. The Beano has a big online presence
  35. Imposter syndrome can make you a workaholic
  36. Holograms can be made using fast-moving blades
  37. Humans are the only species that put themselves through discomfort to achieve progress
  38. Some companies don’t allow emails after 7pm or on weekends
  39. Skyscanner don’t do traditional brand advertising
  40. Iteration is crucial
  41. Adults are just bigger children
  42. Dover Street Market is a very ‘Joe’ place
  43. Rose lattes are grim
  44. Recipe videos are still a big thing

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