Happy birthday, by @AroundSkadri

Adriano Sganzini

By Adriano Sganzini


Happy birthday

Sca just gave me 2 amazing birthdays present today. The first is an amazing year to come. The second is to write the first scab. So I just decided to ask to all the students that are here with me now to write a sentence, because from today we will work just as a team and as a team I want to write this scab.

We win together or we fail together. I’m in the pub. The pub is fine. The beer is good. Lots of shorts sentences. Lots of dots. Why am I writing that? Oh yeah it’s my mates birthday! Anyways, the beer is good, and I feel like it’s not gonna be the last. Tomorrow will be fun. Very fun. Improv is better when hungover…? Birthday?
Pretty intense day for a birthday! I like beer. I like this years intakes. I like London. I am awesome.. Hell awesome, I rock! Hbd
Marc this pants of yours got me going, sexy. I was also a fan of your trousers.
I have a really bad headache, what I’ve learnt is that I need to leave the studio at lunchtime. I feel more positive about the shoes. Good god those shoes. Imma raise a glass to improv being better hungover. Or. Just gonna throw this out there. Drunk? Who’s with me? I can stop whenever I want. Honest.
Look at this cat picture first! Moving on,
how are you feeling after yesterday?!? Did I wear you out hahahah, nah but for real are you okay, what did Marc do to you?? You legit look like Wesley Snipes after he found out Sam. L. Jackson got the role of Shaft instead of him. Cider helps build friendships.I can’t wait for the day that we earn our tables! Working on the floor is over rated. Delirious, exhausted, and it’s never felt so good. The spirit level got me kinky and then I saw my granny flying through space on a custard cream. So I shouted to her “please help me”
Well well well, what to take from that?
Why don’t we order some pizzas?
Defending my honor at the local pub, I realized.. There’s a snake in the grass. How do I defeat this snake and make myself shine at the same time?
What an excellent first scab. Less is more time is a bore, I move dimensions like a little whore.
Pass me a score while I lay on the floor, then puff puff pass these smoking beads from my ass.

I close this scab saying thanks to my new family and see you tomorrow
I know this year Will be amazing with all of you.
Happy birthday to me 😀

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