I used to lead a different life before SCA

I used to have friends. 

I used to have my own cult. 

I used to chase the sun.

I used to look good in photos.

 I used to take a good look at photos. 

I used to hang out with other walks of life. 

I used to hang with cats.

 I used to cook my heart and sole out. 

I used to smile. 

I used to have downtime. 

I used to have a family.

I used to glow in the morning. 

I used to sleep soundly. 

I used to go outside. 

Since SCA…

I’m beaten.

I’m brutalised. 

I’m walloped. 

I’m ageing. 

But it’s all worth it. 

Because we in the tribe have truly found our freedom, at last.

Take it easy folks. Peace.


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