It’s not just British advertising… By @blazve

Blaz Verhnjak

By Blaz Verhnjak


It’s not just British advertising…

If you read my previous SCABs you already know, that I mostly speak about my opinion and experience from two parallel worlds – big city life and life in a small Slovenians village that still lives in 1940s, where supermarkets closes at 4 pm and people commute with tractors.  Those are just couple of differences between two and there is more.
But today I would like to talk about differences in advertising.
On Thursday James Saxton shared a masterclass with us and one week before it, we were asked to prepare example of a work we wish we’d done. While I was reading mail with instructions, friend sent me a link to a video of a stunt Ogilvy Vienna did for Model Maker Fair in Vienna (Austria – 300km from where I used to live). —>
It’s not the biggest campaign ever, not the big brand, it doesn’t save the world’s problem but it gets small, in most agencies unimportant and not interesting client a lot of publicity by using bizarre budget. Assuming that most of us will present big budget and award winning work, I wanted to show different approach that is more familiar to me and I presented this video as a thing I wish I’d done.
After presenting and explaining my reasons, discussion has opened and after couple of comments I got a feeling, that they tried to explain me how I’m wrong, how work I picked is not creative and doesn’t do the job.
I agree. To some extend. There is easy to find better work google-ing Cannes lions winners and checking big brands. But how much of them solves the problem using small budget?
But I understand.
In school most of briefs don’t have the budget or have the budget that could be expanded if you have a big idea.
That is just something I’m not used to work on.
You see, campaign budgets 1200 km away are rarely more than 20K€! Working in this environment you stop thinking about holograms, you try to avoid for most clients to expensive apps making and asking brands to spend money for good cause is rarely something account manager would bother to do, because mostly it doesn’t make sense.
Thankfully we have social media and low people who are willing to do cool things for small wage and that brings us to solutions like this: (not Slovenian, but same approach) or this (this one is Slovenian 🙂 ).
I love good British advertising and I like big briefs with big budgets. But I try to prepare myself to think about the brief and find the best solutions possible even if budget buys us just a go pro or even if I have to ride people in a Tractor around the capital city (watch videos 🙂 ).


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