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Last week Mark Palmer taught us a few creative techniques to help get our ideas flowing. One of those techniques was a ‘one minute mind splurge’, where we were instructed to write down anything that came to our heads to advertise that particular product, in one minute (including all the fluff in between). 
I asked Soren to give me a subject to talk about for one minute… he chose toothpaste. Brilliant. 
Forgive me for the lack of punctuation, fullstops and commas are not suitable in this exercise (or at least that’s my excuse). 
1 minute on toothpaste. Ready, set go: 
Toothpaste for children that is shaped in different tubes to encourage squeezing it like making human shaped toothpaste tubes and then you’d squeeze white stuff out of their heads or maybe that’s far to gruesome ok keep thinking maybe I could invent a toothpaste that changed colour in contact with water so when you brush your teeth it goes green or something spooky or perhaps we should make little toothpaste bottles i don’t know that wasn’t my best idea ever i’m panicking now as Clarissa is looking over my shoulder. Last thought as time’s ticking toothpaste sweets so you put one in your mouth and it turns into toothpaste but it looks more appealing to kids who love sweets and hate chores. 
Although what I just wrote made very little sense, the whole point is it to relax, ‘find your kid’, and allow yourself to be a bit ridiculous for a change. Who knows, perhaps one day you will be browsing the shelves for some child-friendly toothpaste, and along side the ‘milk teeth’ range (snore) you’ll spot a Mr Minty the  Squeezable Man. Or perhaps not… but a girl can dream. 

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