Your Mastermind Topic – By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19

By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19


Your Mastermind Topic


We had a bunch of SCA-related topics as options for this SCAB, but Dan insightfully mentioned that they were way more boring that non-SCA stuff. Let’s see if that’s still the case.
What would your mastermind specialist topic be?

Ruby: ‘The Life & Times of Sun Ra’ is probably my best shot. And “Confectionary in the UK since 1980” as a back-up. I put some clients at Mars to shame with my knowledge. Pyramint, anyone?


Dan: Peep Show. I absolutely love Peep Show. I reckon I’ve seen every episode 5-10 times. I just did the maths and that’s roughly 10 000 minutes of my life. Not quite the 10 000 hours it would take to become a true peep show expert, but I’ll probably get there one day. It holds up so well to repeat viewing because almost every line is darkly funny and insightful in some way. I think the reason it’s such a cult classic and why it really resonates with people is that the creators brilliantly distilled two sides of most people’s personalities with the central characters, Mark and Jez – the awkward, repressed conformist and the selfish, lazy hedonist – and pushed them to such bizarre but always somehow still credible extremes. If you’ve never watched it, well… you lucky lucky people, you’ve in for an absolute treat.  


Lauren: it’s a bit of an odd one but prices of things in Tesco, I’m not sure how I became a mastermind in this, but to date I have never guessed a price wrong.  


Joe R: *deciding what I’m knowledgeable on*


           My Brain: don’t say it

                           don’t say it

                           don’t say it

                           don’t say it

                           don’t say it

                           don’t say it

                           don’t say it

                           don’t say it


             Me: MEmeS


Just kidding, probably Homer’s Odyssey… Or The Mighty Boosh.


Mary: I would have said ‘Actors and Films’ but I feel I now only know about soup.


Zoe: I know a lot about giraffes, and a particular area of contemporary art known as post internet..


Vic: I’m going to say I’m pretty good at guessing the calories in food. That counts as knowledge, right?


Get into Airport Lounges for free.

Have you ever been deemed to wait 7 hours at an empty airport, in the middle of the night , alone? I can tell you: It’s boring.
You can’t call your mom or anyone else who you usually do, when you bored and you don’t have better to do.
You hate Netflix. You are over 3 and 2 half semi-shit movies during the previous flight. You oversucceeded your Candy Crush record. Can’t sleep. Can’t read. “There’s  no one new around you” -Can’t Tinder. Can’t shopping. Except a battle-weary Costa, everything is closed. The only Oasis in the Airport desert is the lounge. Free food, free Bloody Mary (somewhere already passed noon), but absolutely no free entry without membership or black Visa. Except…


Charles: I’d fare pretty decently in a “Seasons 1 – 10 of The Simpsons” round. Pass me a plaid shirt and some Cheap Monday jeans and I’d absolutely smash a “Pitchfork Magazine-favoured American indie rock bands circa 2009 and their related micro-genres” round.:


Alysha: Probably something to do with Gothic architecture (love a flying buttress me), French patisserie, or prolific serial killers of the 70s & 80s.


Phil: Mine would be ‘Piers Plowman’, but only the B-Text. Piers Plowman is the 4th best poem of all time and you can quote me on that. Piers Plowman was written in 1350 in alliterative verse and was nearly what I dedicated my library-bound alternate life to.


Tom: Bars between 42 and fifty ninth between tenth and seventh ave.


Marta: The nightclubs Studio 54 (New York) and the Hacienda (Manchester). I´m a nerd of history of underground cultural movements. I read somewhere that the nightclub is one of the most important design spaces in contemporary culture since the 1960s.

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