10 DAYS TO WIN A 16k SCHOLARSHIP  – By @ClancyForrest

By Forrest Clancy



This is my third SCAB in 14 days! I doth protest! 

I shall use it as a long copy ad for the SCA Scholarship Competition. Deadline in 10 days. 16 grand to be won. 2 minute video to be made. It can be done! 

The challenge is to get your whole town talking about you. Whether that is by doing something good, or something naughty, that’s up to you. And whether that is in the town you’re currently living, or the town you grew up in, that is also up to you. 

Why should you enter? You’ve got a good chance of winning and the sum of money is massive. To win 16k for two weeks work is obscene! We’ve only had a few entires so far, so don’t be disheartened. You really, really have got a shot. 

What we want to see is a short video, maybe 1-2 minutes, summarising your idea and then showing us that you’ve gone out and done it. In the real world, people! Last year, one of our winners arguably one because they had made the biggest splash with their campaign, and had proved that what they did made a genuine effect on the world.

That’s essentially what this competition is, it’s a challenge to make a video that actually gains some traction, get’s shared, gets in the news. Can you do that? Can you get your local paper to write about you? Can you get people who you don’t even know to share your video? Can you make someone smile? Change their day? 

Here’s the website: 

It might give you some inspiration. Inside you’ll find famous examples of what people have done in the past. Non SCA people, that is. Also inside is a general guide for what to do. You’ll find a question form attached which will connect you right to Marta and Myself, and we’ll help you if you’re stuck. Lucky you. 

Seriously, if you have something to ask, ask. It might just make the difference. 

Bombs Away!

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