100 ways to hand in your SCAB in time: by @dennis_engel87

Dennis Engel

By Dennis Engel


100 ways to hand in your SCAB in time:

1. Write the SCAB a few days before you need to hand it in.

2. Use your phone to remind yourself a few days before you need to write the SCAB.

3. Make sure you have access to a second internet connection in case one is going to crash.

4. Draw yourself a reminder poster and hang it next to your Lady Gaga poster.

5. Put a photo of Marc with a speech bubble saying “Never ever be to late!” next to your bed.

6. Found a start-up called “SCAB reminder app” and sell it to the SCA students.

7. Stop smoking weed.

8. Pray to god, that he will never let you forget to hand in the SCAB in time.

9. Don’t get drunk on the day you have to hand in your SCAB.

10. Make sure you don’t get confused with Berlin/London time zone difference.

11. Tell your girlfriend/boyfriend to slap your face an hour before SCAB deadline.

12. Develop a SCAB reminder guided meditation.

13. Train a cock to scream: “Don’t forget the SCAB”! every morning.

14. Film a national geographic documentary with the title: “The lost souls of forgotten SCABS.”

15. Ask Elon Musk to invent a brain that simply can’t forget anymore.

16. Stop studying at SCA2.0.

17. Try to get a job in an agency so you don’t have to worry about SCAB anymore.

18. Tattoo yourself SCAB on the forehead.

19. Always remind your self of the real meaning of “scab”.

20. Take breaks often to clear you mind while writing a SCAB.

21. Don’t get emotionally invested in every little thing while writing a SCAB.

22. Quit smoking so you don’t burn your rooter while falling asleep on writing a SCAB.

23. Exercise every single day! Just scab it.

24. Take 10 slow, deep breaths every hour on the hour.

25. Be early for SCABS so you don’t feel rushed.

26. Practice unplugging from the electronic world while writing the SCAB.

27. Exchange SCABS with someone.

28. Get a hobby that completely captures your focus on SCAB writing.

29. Only project positive thoughts into your future SCABS.

30. Take care of your health, 90% of illness is stress related.

31. Believe that if Marc doesn’t kill you he will make you stronger and write a SCAB about it.

32. Remember that negative life lessons have great value in making SCABS more interesting.

33. Remember that every SCAB could be your last one.

34. Treat a SCAB like a love letter.

35. Multitasking while writing a SCAB creates stress and lowers productivity, don’t do it.

36. Don’t listen to music while writing on your SCAB.

37. Don’t stress out trying to get everyone to agree with your SCAB.

38. Get rid of anything or anyone that makes you miserable (Marc is an exception).

39. Adopt a stress free attitude because it’s all perception.

40. Use applied focus sessions to create more free time and you won’t end up of writing two weeks SCABS.

41. Connect a passion project with a SCAB.

42. Make more appointments with Buddha Ben.

43. Set yourself a SCAB deadline before you need to hand it in.

44. Watch motivational videos just before you need to write a SCAB

45. Download the freeletics app to stay in shape anytime everywhere.

46. Unchain yourself from conventional thinking myths to write uninteresting SCABS.

47. Think about Marc’s punishment when you forget to hand in the SCAB.

48. Be reasonable about scheduling your time @ SCA.

49. Accept that SCAB writing takes longer than you think.

50. Ask yourself: “What would Don Draper do?”

51. Make sure your girlfriend/boyfriend gives you a striptease in reward for a good SCAB.

52. Consciously relax every muscle in your body before writing a SCAB.

53. Make peace of mind a high priority to write a SCAB.

54. Simply use your brain @ SCA once in a while.

55. Be mindful!

56. Walk the dog. Getting Fido and yourself outside for a walk improve your writing skills.

57. Jump in the lake or take a swim at your neighborhood pool before writing a SCAB.

58. Eat lots of fruits and veggies before writing a SCAB.

59. Pay your house mate to write a SCAB for you.

60. Ask anonymous to hack Marc’s e-mail account.

61. Develop a self-writing SCAB algorithm.

62. Avoid heat stroke for a healthier brain while writing a SCAB outside in the sun.

63. Soak in a hot bath to feel the stress just melt away from your body while reading SCAB entries.

64. Look in the mirror and repeat to yourself: “SCABS are fun!”

65. Host a weekly SCAB club event!

66. Rediscover the lost art of writing SCAB letters and scan them.

67. Start a dinner club with six or eight people to write SCABS.

68. Make sure your mother-in-law doesn’t visits you on SCAB days.

69. Join an online SCAB discussion group.

70. Copy a SCAB from earlier SCA intakes.

71. Get Horizontal. It could just be a matter of lying down and taking a SCAB rest.

72. Write your SCAB in an inspirational environment.

73. Prioritize. Never underestimate the importance of prioritizing SCABs.

74. Unplug the TV while writing a SCAB.

75. Write a scab in a foreign language so Marc doesn’t freak out about your scab’s quality.

76. Get a massage while writing a SCAB.

77. Take the negative energy you’re feeling and put it to constructive use in SCABs.

78. If things around you are in a state of disarray, it can be very beneficial for you to get them organized.

79. Having more sex is a great way to lose some of that stressful SCAB feeling.

80. Think about what an agency would do to if you would exceed the deadline.

81. Do breathing exercises while writing the SCAB.

82. If getting overwhelmed is your trigger for stress, you simply have to learn to say NO!

83. If you look at it, about 80% of your stress is likely coming from 20% of your daily life.

84. Take notes for your SCAB while your are in SCA.

85. Detoxing the body can be a very joyful experience to high qualitiy SCABs.

86. Use a corkboard for a weekly overview in your kitchen and SCAB it.

87. Look at the SCABs as a copy writing exercise.

88. Remember that forgetting a SCAB makes a bad impression.

89. Remember that learning is a gift and not a curse.

90. Eat. SCAB. Sleep. Repeat.

91. Design yourself a SCAB reminder shirt for SCAB days.

92. Choose quality over quantity in your SCABs.

93. Think about a reward after writing a SCAB to motivate yourself.

94. SCABS can help you to order your thoughts and to stay fresh.

95. Develop a strong connection between SCABs and enjoyment inside your brain.

96. Try to drink 3 liters of water every day to keep your SCAB brain in shape.

97. Chain yourself to the desk until your are finished with your SCAB.

98. Ask other people for their opinion about your SCAB.

99. Never write a SCAB while high on LSD. Your thoughts will run into the wrong direction.

100. Write 100 words each day for five days to create a really thoughtful SCAB.

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