Last week I missed a SCAB. Ouch. By @AroundSkadri

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By Adriano Sganzini


Last week I missed a SCAB. Ouch.


I’ve promised myself to never miss a deadline and yeah it happend (more than once with SCABs ). During the first two terms I was really strict on my priorities and maybe for anger of my non-published SCAB over christmas (an amazing one about My Little Pony and the power of friendship) I felt SCABs were no longer important.

I really hate to write, even more in another language. I have to read back the lines three or four times and ask Chloe or Laura (god bless them) to read through my thoughts and rewrite it in proper English. So here I am. At my last week of SCA and I felt was a good moment for my last reflection. This is the week where everyone is sharing their amazing thoughts and pieces of advice for the next intakes. All the things during the year they haven’t done and wish to have done more of. Thinking is already too late and now they have to focus on other stuff.

But that’s wrong. You have plenty of time, even now, to focus on strategies, to read books, do stuff, ask for help from the mentors. It’s not too late, it’s never too late. Next year we’re all gonna be in placements in different agencies and even if work will be harder we will still have plenty of time to be hungry. Every single day.

Stop thinking that if you go out of the school and you start working you will stop doing everything you were doing before or you wish you had done before. Read books, make yourself interesting, do stuff that’s not advertising related, enjoy life and work hard.

You will never stop to learn even after you quit the school.

Forget to go out in a week and be settled for life. Maybe yes, you go in the first agency and you have the best experience of your life. But now a day the average time in the same place of work is three years. So what would you do in three years time to make you interesting again. I’m not speaking about the ad you finally have made go live. I’m speaking about what really makeas you interesting. We saw on wednesday that agencies loves advertising but buy people and their energy and everything that make them interesting.

So my piece of advice to all the intakes of all the school of the world of all the year of this existing planet. Never stop learning, never stop asking why, never stop discovering and doing new stuff.

There is nothing more exciting than the beggining of a new chapter. But remember there is more than one chapter in your life. Keep it going.


And to end everything with love and happiness. Thank you Marc, SCA and all the mentors. It’s been an amazing year and I learnt a lot ( even about my other personalities Sadriano and Madriano, that I don’t really like). To the next intakes and to the school, I wish you all the very best, but for me, it is time to go. Close this chapter and start a new one, ready to learn lots of new stuff and keep it going.

Thank you to all my classmates. Even if we were called the least ‘united’ intake, we’ve done a lot of stuff together and we helped each other more than Marc thinks 🙂

and thanks to all the british to have teached me British humor ( I still don’t like it but oh yeah I can make British laugh too eheh )

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