So I’m Posted on this Bench… By @Bumzberry1

Bunmi Akinwale

By Bunmi Akinwale


So I’m Posted on this Bench…

So I’m posted at this bench, quite comfortable but rock hard bench.
Its full of unfamiliar faces. Different races, Background, experiences, motives, fashion sense, interests…
I usually come to Stratford shopping centre but not to spend too much time, there’s too many indecisive people, so i pop in then out.
This time I’m not here to judge, I just sit. Observe.
Different sounds of motions. Doors being open then shut. Sound of the escalator humming, some creaking depending on the weight its stringing along. Colours, brands, shops, shops and more shops.
I noticed people coming in and out of shops, some resume back into the shops they’ve just left. Either they’ve forgotten something or they have re-evaluated the top they were once contemplating. Could tell by the notion of their body action.
Mothers with children. All ages.
I notice a mother struggling with two kids who can walk independently and a buggy. Mother had her face done looking quite glam wearing thigh high boots. Had two boys, one dressed in tracksuits very active the other in jeans, trying to imitate his brother but couldn’t quite keep up, probably wasn’t his nature. She was looking into some branded shops or common shops, most of the time were shops that caught her kids eye. Other mothers just threw on the first thing they saw, just wanted comfort. They entered the shops with the cheapest price tags on.
Now I’ve notice a group of kids. I’d say roughly 16 years old, 18 years max. They are all in their little bubble. 2 girls stop to take a selfies with their lips pouting right out covered in cheap lip gloss. They had chosen their outfits purposely for today, you can tell, obsessed over the make-up shops and shops that were out of their price range.They were accompanied by their male friends. 2 males, one tall and handsome we’ll groomed. The other average height, cute but doesn’t really take pride in what he was wearing. They are overwhelmed being surrounded by 4 other girls. Its was their lucky day. Looking into the sport shops only window shopping.
I noticed couples, they are everywhere. I almost feel quite left out. Their are cute couples that are dressed formally, branded from head to toe stoping at the most prestige shops and ignoring the common stores. Short couples, not overly dressed but take a little pride, watching the windows of shops that have standards but are paying attention to the price tag. Couples that are exclusive, dressed to impress and can’t get enough of each other. Barely recognising any shops just each other. Sick bucket please.
Couples that look more like siblings, wearing matching jeans and a Northface branded jacket, skimping shops quite fast. Couples that don’t suit, look quite odd, their dress sense are not mirrored, one would stop after the other at certain shops. Then there are the couples that can’t stand each other but only came to shop. How do I know? You know those couples that just walk, don’t talk, and even if one stops to tie their shoe lace, the other slightly walks on reluctant to stop but knows they have to because they came together. Hardly looking at any, guessing they’ve only come to just pick up from a store. I saw this notion, twice, it made me chuckle. There were old couples, I found them incredibly adorable. They were in no rush, hair combed back or curly out of their way. They just came to look around almost like sight seeing. Arms behind there back stoping at the most random shops even if it wasn’t their particular style or branding, comfortable warm coats and shoes on, either wearing a backpack or side small pouch.
Everyone is everyone merely on their preference and taste. People don’t know what they want unless options have been presented.Just like a shop has already presented what a person would desire upon depending on the individual’s preference or taste if it’s comparable.  Its quite powerful. People have walked into a shop without even realising. Its all to do with a shops branding or representation. Whoever their audience are, I’ve learnt shops win customers over by showing them who they can become. The message has to bring purpose otherwise people will just pass by. There are over 500 shops all doing the same thing so in order to get noticed you have to deliver something noticeable.

Just like the people i was watching.

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