190816 SCAB I can’t work at my home – By @SharonN48301378

By Sharon Ng


190816 SCAB I can’t work at my home 


Before I started typing this blog, I watched 1.5 videos from YouTube. 1 video on the same Japanese voiceovers voicing for a range of characters + 0.5 video on a very pretty 15 year old kpop star playing ‘a whole new world’ on a recorder ( I stopped watching before she started playing since I realised I was just delaying the work I should be doing).  


My friend came in after watching the news, she dropped two boxes of kitkat in front of me, I was immediately distracted as they aren’t the generic flavours you can find in shops, they are from Japan (or at least they are designed to say to you ‘I am authentic’ through the packaging. She left the room and I enjoyed a matcha flavoured one. 


She came in again and told me she will start to work, on her bed. I laughed and said, ‘you will fall asleep if you do so.’ Then, her soft toys caught my eye and we started a discussion on who gave her the toys. We went through two dogs, a turtle and a pig. She decided that she has to sleep for 30 mins before working (and it’s 5pm at that moment). 


Ah. I see a LinkedIn notification. I click. I appeared in 13 searches in the past week. OK, thanks, close. 


I turn around, my friend is still on her phone in bed. It’s 5:23pm. Ctrl+shift+c, word count at 231, still half way to go. 


I decided to turn to my friend for things to write. 


“Have you written a blog before?”

“Yeah, I used Xanga and wordpress.”


“Yeah. I stopped using it when it started the subscription model.I transfer everything from there to wordpress then.” (Smart, reminded me of myself when I screenshot all my achievement details in my school email account before my school in Hong Kong closed it, well done, 15 year-old Sharon 😉 ) 

“You still use wordpress now?”

“Nah, changed to IG.” 

“I see I see.” 


After typing the conversation down, I lift my head, “I thought you were going to sleep.” “Yeah, haha. After reading this bit.” “OK.” 


350 words. 


I scroll through my LinkedIn newsfeed. I can congratulate someone on his new role, must be someone I added when I was expanding my connections in my previous job. Someone says she’s officially a graduate. John Lewis has a new fridge product. Someone shared a video on self-driving scooters- I clicked on it, found it pretty cool; it reminded me as a person who’s thinking if I should take more driving lessons on a manual car or an auto car, seems quite behind when some part of the world is talking about self-driving scooters huh? 


5:47. My friend moved her fingers on the screen, placed the phone next to her pillow, covered half of her face with the pink quilt and closed her eyes. And I am done with this blog. 


Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend. 


(OK, Sharon, you can read this through again tomorrow morning. But make sure you pick a profile pic before the end of today, you need to send that along with the first blog, otherwise, it can never be sent out.) 

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