The fudge am I meant to be? – By @RobCHeimann


By Rob Heimann


The fudge am I meant to be?


Are you a copy writer or an art director? Ian asked me that on my interview day and I didn’t know, and that was scary.

Now I know according to the broad definitions that I am copy writer, ‘cos I can put words on a page that make people feel things. That’s good, my background is writing. I am a storyteller and that is extremely important to me, which I think, is helpful when it comes to persuasion on an emotional level. But I don’t think I’m a “pure” copywriter and that’s frustrating. Why do I think I’m not just a copy writer? Well, that would be boring – limited in creative potential. Just attaching words to some visuals? Nah, that sounds a bit crap. So, I guess, I’m not a copy writer. So again, what am I?

Art director? This sentence, the one you’re reading right now was meant originally to be “Of course I’m not an Art Director, I can’t even do a photoshop.” But then, I had a think. I write, read, and think visually. I am most drawn to small beautiful things, clean lines and the use of liminal space. I think about positioning and colour palates. Now, to me, that sounds pretty damn art directly. I’m not arrogant or daft enough to think that I should just learn how to make this stuff to become a single (not to knock singles they are some of the coolest people in the room), I just can’t work effectively outside of a partnership.

What the (insert non offensive swear here) am I then? Okay, what do I think I’m best at? Ideas. Particularly ideas I have talking to people who are working on something else. Hearing them talk through their brief, strategy and ideas, I will then discuss, bounce, suggest ideas with them. That discussion is the best part of my day and if it’s a good day I’ll get to do it more than once.

So, what am I? Dunno what the word is yet but I like it and I can see lots of ways forward to better myself. Maybe someone knows what I am, will gently take me to one side, and point it out to me.

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