4000-piece jigsaw – By @FlorrieMacleod

4000-piece jigsaw

I am currently working on a 4000-piece jigsaw. It is a challenge and requires a lot of patience. The rest of my family, unsurprisingly, are reluctant to help with this complicated jigsaw measuring 1 metre by 1 ½ metres! The only way to work through it, is to organise and plan. Firstly, I sort through all 4000 pieces, dividing into categories. Then I create specific sub categories, it helps make the task a little less scary.

I find that the best way to stay productive (when working on this jigsaw) is to give myself a dedicated time to jigsaw. I will sit down on the floor, put on a podcast and start solving. However, it is not the quickest of processes and sometimes it can leave me feeling a bit sad.

Jigsaws have become an important part of my life during lockdown. (I think I am on jigsaw number ten now.) I enjoy the thrill of sorting through the pieces; working in a team, engaging with something physical and trying to solve a problem.

I guess you might be wondering what this has to do with SCA.

But I think it sums up perfectly how I am feeling about starting the course.

I am excited to:

· Meet other students and creatives

· Work on lots of briefs.

· Face challenges

· Problem solve

I am also nervous, it is an intense course, with new challenges and I hope to be able to bring some ‘Florrie-ness’ to SCA 2.0.

I will keep you updated on the 4000-piece jigsaw and its progress.

Thank you.

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