An evening of taxidermy and music. By @TomEspezel

Tom Espezel-Bentley






By Tom Espezel


So what do dead, stuffed animals and jaunty musicals have in common? Thats what I spent yesterday evening finding out. 

A puppet show called ‘sing for your life’ where a variety of terrifying once-animals-now-puppets parade around singing and dancing. The concept of this performance seemed to have been though up using a combination of Mark Palmers 4 R’s and a handful of LSD.

Trying to explain this 2 hour long musical comprised of stuffed badgers, squirrels and chickens (to name but a few) would not do it justice. You have to see it for yourself. (

Instead I want to focus on the seemingly random combination of two things that at first seem at complete odds but turns out to be pure genius. It reminds me of the best advertising and ideas where two individual things are just smashed together. So as I sit here waiting for a train at 11.14 I’m going to try a bit of smashing myself:

Football (on my phone) and shiny suit shoes (the guy next to me)

Create football 5 aside teams from all the top silicon valley ceo’s. I would love to see Mark Zuccaberg hitting a cheeky robona pen past Tim Cook.

Neon lights on the train and graffiti

A wall made of neon lights that links to a graffiti wall somewhere and when that graffiti wall is being sprayed, a mirror image of the work comes through on the neon billboard. You could mirror the exact colours real time etc 

Delayed train and a rat

A poison that doesn’t kill the rat instantly but starts working when they come into contact with another rat. kills all the rats at once (sorry rats).

A Scarf and a text message

Can you send physical warmth via text? perhaps you can send power from your phone  to a friend so that  their phone heats up and warms their hands.

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