50 things we should still be finding time for – By @SashaMidgley

By Sasha Midgley


I thought I’d write a practical and intimidating list for my SCAB today.

Below are 50 things we should still be finding time for…

Prepare yourself…

  1. A-Z propositions people.
  2. Keep a folder of photographers, directors, artists, music, copywriters, illustrators, comedians,
    writers, designers, architects, product designers, dancers work you appreciate.
  3. Talk to mentors on how to improve your work.
  4. Arrange book crits.
  5. SCAMP.
  6. Make topicals.
  7. Passion project(s).
  8. Read up on advertising greats, Helmut represent.
  9. Keep up to date with new industry work.
  10. Look at past D&AD winners.
  11. Stalk SCA alumni portfolios.
  12. Collect those dots.
  13. Swat up on news of the world.
  14. Send thank you cards.
  15. Follow mentors/speakers on Twitter.
  16. Tweet.
  17. Sleep.
  18. Try something new.
  19. Get out of the studio and people watch.
  20. Keep a folder of weird and wonderful things you discover that might come in handy in the
    shape of an insight/idea/inspiration
  21. Develop portfolio ideas.
  22. Recreate bad advertising.
  23. Draw.
  24. Write.
  25. Watch documentaries.
  26. Cook. (Prepare lunch the night before)
  27. Research the mentors/speakers coming in the calendar.
  28. Find work you love.
  29. Find agencies you want to work at.
  30. Sit with Ian.
  31. Look for industry events.
  32. Read the reading list.
  33. Get fresh air.
  34. Exercise.
  35. Catch up on Slack.
  36. Work on some briefs outside of SCA.
  37. Enter industry competitions.
  38. Read through PB feedback and make notes.
  39. Clear desktop.
  40. Backup work on mac.
  41. Plan your time.
  42. Practice creative techniques.
  43. Listen to advertising podcasts.
  44. Meditate.
  45. Find fonts.
  46. Create a website for your portfolio.
  47. Look for interesting events.
  48. Add to notes of the year.
  49. Make yourself known.
  50. Breath.

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