By Jonothan Hunt






I’ve just got a loan for ten thousand pounds-

Just got to make sure it doesn’t go on rounds.

I also got some cash to get a new Mac,

Because the one I have now is beginning to lack.

The ‘alt’ key is either up or down like it’s cursed,

So in Photoshop everything I do is inversed.


When I applied to the school and from that day,

Everytime I’ve had a question, in my way,

I’ve done an in-depth Google search,

On the website of this school, set in a church,

To see if there’s an answer to my ask,

(Please get a search bar, it’s an arduous task)


So for students that use a future search bar,

And who need advice, having gotten this far,

Get a PCDL loan (max is £10,000 alas…)

It should get you school and accommodation at least until Christmas.

And in that time before the work gets tough,

Find grants; get a job (that should be enough!)


What I love about hurdles is that when they’re gone,

You’ve either learnt a trick or you’ve passed them and shone,

I just got the results from my A’level exams,

They’re OK- I just don’t give a single damn

For what they represent; they’re for people who are good

At working with exam technique that somehow they understood.


This last month has been a mental one,

I asked for loans (including from Mr. Dyson)

I dyed my hair blonde whilst away near the sea,
And I illustrated a book for the project: ‘This is Me’

After days of searching many a site,

I found a cheap room- five minutes away on a bike!

It is only for two months, so I’m hoping that

With a few other students we can rent ourselves a flat.


So far, I’ve always been prompt and on time with what I’ve done,

Some of the stuff has been incredibly fun!
Occasionally the books have made me feel dead inside,

But I’ve got to admit that when you finish them, there’s pride.

Still I’ve got one and a half (small ones) to read,

But I’m moving on the 10th so I’ve got the time I need!

Of the minimum 500, I’ve only reached a third,

But I think for a poem it’s been worth the lack of words.

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