Just be yourself – By @katyedelsten

Katy Edelsten

By Katy Edelsten


Just be yourself 


Here’s the deal.

You come to SCA to be someone. To get something you couldn’t have got before. You come here to be some kinda incredible version of yourself that can achieve something. And you really feel like SCA can give you something, you couldn’t have given yourself. 

And maybe it can. 

It offers so so much. 

You (almost, definitely, totally) think you can’t do it without SCA. 

Maybe you can’t. 

But the same you that might just do it, is the you that thought you couldn’t. 

SCA isn’t a school, it’s a mindset. 

It’s seeing things *differently*.

Seeing yourself differently.

SCA gives a lot more than masterclasses, book crits and advice. A lot more than education. 

It gives you context, perspective and a little tilt on the way you saw things before. So much more than that. It changes you. 
But it does actually keep you, you. (After all, it wanted you right!?)

You are actually good enough. 

You can actually do it. 

You just need to believe it. 

And then, in believing it, you will see it.

This week Marc said he didn’t believe anyone in the room couldn’t do it.
And we may all feel like we can’t, but I look around and I know everyone can. 

It’s so super duper clear to me. 

I totally believe everyone can. 

Everyone else is great. 

I could tell you a thousand positive things about every person in the room that makes them hireable and incredible and different and an asset to any team in any place anywhere. I could sell every one of them better than I see myself*. 

So, logic* would suggest that… 

If you see it in other people, they might just see it in you. 

Your book is the worst it will ever be right now. You are the worst will ever be right now. 

You can only get better. You will only get better. 

And you’re actually already kind of great!

It’s not 4 weeks until the end, its 4 weeks until the beginning of the next step of the journey. It’s 4 weeks until we try to start doing this in the places we’ve always dreamed of. 

See things a little different and you’ll see yourself differently too. 

Just be yourself. It got you here, it will get you on the next stepping stone too. 

*I really cannot sell myself.

*A thing I know nothing about but is defined as….
2. noun. reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.


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