7 Great Podcasts for Advertising Students – By @CiRCUStrongman

Lee Allen

By Lee Allen


7 Great Podcasts for Advertising Students


Since joining SCA, and despite the fact we’re only just getting started, I’ve so far found no time to read up on anything ad-related or otherwise; with that in mind I think it’s best I use my sweat-ridden train journeys to try and stay up to date with the world, and I think you should too! So I’ve compiled a list of Podcasts I’d recommend for learning about the industry!

  1. Dont Get Me Started: Hosted by Dan Balser, teacher and Department Head at The Creative Circus advertising school in Atlanta, this US based Podcast is my favourite ad podcast of the lot; it features lots of young creatives and its brilliant to hear about their different routes into the industry.
  2. The Future Of Advertising Podcast: Despite its title, this Podcast hosted by Dave Birrs is now a tad dated, but with features from John Hegarty and an SCA themed episode with Marc Lewis, I’d say it’s well worth a listen!
  3. Advertising Podcast From The IPA: A slightly more up to date take on what’s happening in the industry; the Podcast tackles everything from Cannes to Ad Blocking and features interviews from the likes of Dave Trott & Rory Sutherland.
  4. The #AskGaryVee Show: If you can get your head around his god awful could-be-Boston, could-be New York twang, this man makes it his business to know everything about everything when it comes to marketing, current trends and he offers some great advice for agencies, brands and creatives when it comes to utilising social media.
  5. You Know What: Ignoring the sometimes poor sound quality, this Podcast (recorded in the middle of a pub) features some great interviews with the likes of Dave Buonaguidi, CCO of CP +B and Lucky Generals founder Danny Brooke-Taylor.
  6. The Digiday Podcast: A weekly show which discusses “the big stories and issues that matter to brands, agencies and publishers as they transition into the digital age” – while mostly US based, this podcast features many insightful interviews from heads of tech-startups, media and agencies, including discussions with Cindy Gallop and Droga5’s very own David Droga.
  7. Stuff You Should Know: Ignoring the painfully scripted ad breaks, this podcast has zero to do with Advertising but each episode covers a different topic in depth and it’s great for expanding your general knowledge; and who knows when some of it might come in handy?

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