“Tom and Patxi are keeping me up at night.” – By @mazzystar81

By Mary Kerr


“Tom and Patxi are keeping me up at night.”


It’s 3.41am and my brain is racing. Racing with thoughts of Tom and Patxi’s genius mouse campaign for Dyson. It’s so simple. A mouse roasting their leg seems so obvious to me now. And that’s what all the best advertising is. Simple. Executional. Funny or moving depending on whether you’re a mouse.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been learning so much from my classmates. Looking at their portfolios and trying to work out what works and why. There is not one team who doesn’t have a brilliant, genius new way of positioning a product. That’s what SCA is all about – a blow to the head to think in a different way and even though I still may not have it down, I won’t leave without a fight.

There’s definitely been a shift in my thinking. I remember entering Ogilvy pipe a year or so ago and having to sell a used mattress on the street. The best entry sold it as a one bed with garden view. It was so simple. So clever. I think there may have been two entries with this idea but the one I remember had a simple execution using the typical tear the number off the bottom of the sheet for more info. I was jealous of that thinking then. I’m jealous of Josie and Charles’ Paperchase campaign. Trees…. What do trees do???

It’s 4am now and I’m listening to an ex Eastenders actor trying to hypnotise me into a deep sleep but his tricks aren’t working on me. Mouse. Tree. Post office. Germolene. It starts with the product. What does it do? And what does that mean? And then what does that mean that it means that?

I’ve always been late to the party but once I get there I dance my arse off. And I’m arriving – “Late but in earnest” – the Kerr family moto. I hope my ancestors, who may have missed the beginning of battles but who would have gone in full pelt once they got there, are smiling down at me.

Because I won’t give up. I never give up and as they say – you can’t fail if you don’t give up.

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