Learn how to code  – By @luce_ReFr

By Luce Renaud Frigiotti


Learn how to code 


Since last week I am more interested in coding. I have been feeling frustrated about code since a while now. I just did not understood a thing about it. I mean, I know that all tech could not exist without it but that’s pretty much it. Even tho I have had a coding class in my former school, it did not really made me realize how fondamental is it. 

But really code is every where. From the obvious computer and cellphones, to graphic t-shirt and emergency calling center. Like on April 9th 2014, 911 emergency stopped working for thousand of people across the United States for 6 hours. More than 6 000 calls couldn’t get through. The government traced the problem to a computer : it was a simple coding mistake. We can say that coding is the root of nowadays world. 

Since I’m at SCA I’ve felt more and more like this skill could be so great to have. It would make things that seem impossible not that impossible. Then I watched a documentary episode called Explained about coding. That’s basically the pitch of this episode : computer code now controls how we live. But how did these programming languages evolve? And how can they be used to build a new and better world ? 

So first it starts by saying that code is a language. A way to communicate. Which, as student of a school specialized in the Art of communication, should seem interesting. So how is coding a language. They make a parallel with old sewing machines and holes that made templates in order to make beautiful patterns. It is the beginning of algorithms. Then they also speak about morse code and binary language. Kind of another alphabet to illustrate our words and afterward make complex sentences. Also what I found very interesting was that it all works on little electric injunctions. Like when I tape on my space bar I release an electric message that has been given a meaning. For more information I invite you to watch the episode which will make much more sens then was I am explaining right now. 

The typography class that we had this 31th october Thursday re-enforced my will to get to know more about coding. It just seems so complicated, like trying to learn a new language that evolves everyday. Also it seems very mathematical which is not my strong point. And of course coding is not just one language, that would be to simple right ? You have java script, css and I don’t know how many other. A new language can be created every day. It is just the more efficient that will be used the most. 

But basically I have been thinking that all the technology that so many of us use every day, that has really began to feel necessary to more and more of our daily tasks, would be impossible to reproduce. I mean if tomorrow was the apocalypse and we had to start from scratch, I could not even make a light ball. Even less a cellphone. 

So since last week I have been more interested in coding and I hope to get to learn more about it. 

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