Half Way.

February marks the midpoint between September and July, which means ‘boaters’ still aboard SCA can see the adland region in the near distance.

There are many islands, known to us as advertising agencies, floating stimulating briefs our way bi-weekly. These, in addition to their zoom presentations and social media presence, give clues as to what it may be like to join them on their quest to make brands famous and collect prizes. By now all boaters are streamlining their sharp eyes.

Copywriter and Art Director partnerships are forming as fast as they break.

Two minds collaborate to create a portfolio, which their chosen island will wish to snatch with them attached.

For myself and many, this part of the trip isn’t plain sailing. The rough motion of the water has thrown several into the deep blue. I’m strategizing to make it to safe chores with a welcoming embrace.

An SCA alumni now at 3 Monkey Zeno just advised us “don’t let the SCA mind games get to you, focus on yourself.” With that, I remember why I chose this adventure, and take a deep breath into the second leg.


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