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By Oliver Finel


Prophets of Doom

I’m not a climate-denier, but I stand strongly against most climate activists. 

I see them as nothing more than Prophets of Doom and Merchants of Fear.


Most of these climate activists have an existential need to revel in an abhorrent form of virtue signalling, in order to give their lives a semblance of meaning.  They fail to offer a message of hope or even a series of concrete solutions. Moreover, a lot of these so-called activists use the climate emergency to promote a destructive anti-capitalist agenda. 


They peddle fear to exercise control over the masses. If these people ever get a decent amount of real, legislative power, things will get dark very fast. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them enact a number of policies that would rollback basic personal liberties. The number of abuses that could be justified in the name of the climate emergency is simply terrifying. Let’s not dwell on that for too long… 


This SCAB is not about a potential future where the Green Khmers rule over the world with a recycled iron-fist. No, the goal of this SCAB is to prove that our future isn’t so bleak and there is much reason to believe we will prevail over the climate crisis. 


Hold on to your pigtails Greta, I’m about to rock your world. 



A lot of people think we need to kiss Capitalism goodbye in order to solve the climate crisis. Bullshit. Sure the system has its faults, but it’s also the greatest force for good ever known to mankind. Here’s why:


The global GDP has skyrocketed 100-fold over the past 100 years. This has benefited absolutely EVERYONE on earth. Such as increase in global wealth means better access to education, health, proper sanitation, food, etc… for every single being on the plane (at varying degrees of course). 


The Global Life Expectancy in 2019 was 72.6 years That’s higher than ANY country in 1950. We achieved this incredible feat in barely a generation’s time. No, this isn’t limited to Western countries. India, for example, tripled its life expectancy. 


Sure we’re in a bit of pickle today, but the deaths from natural disasters has quite literally plummeted over the past 80 years. Thanks to technological advancements, we’re better equipped to prevent deaths when nature turns against us. 


We also massively decreased the number of undernourished people across the globe. In 1991, 18% was undernourished in 1991; by 2015, it dropped to 10.8 percent.


Mankind has always, always, always been able to overcome the greatest of challenges. 


In the near future, lab grown meat will be commonplace and we will see a sharp drop in factory and thus in Methane emissions. 


Most of our energy, we will come from renewable sources as solar cells become increasingly more efficient and whole lot cheaper. With that will come breakthroughs in battery technology and that will most definitely decrease our reliance on oil. 


In short, when sustainable sources of energy and food become cheaper than their non-sustainable counterparts — the transition will happen at exponential speed. 


The future is much brighter than you think. 


Don’t believe the Prophets of Doom. We need to galvanise the global base of innovators and thinkers rather than constantly herald a message of fear and despair. 

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