Don’t Pop the Pitch! By @TristanAmadeus

Tristan Amadeus

By Tristan Amadeus


Don’t Pop the Pitch!

The last two weeks Ben and I have been working on PB2; Pitch Brioche. We had lots of fun with idea, turning the otherwise prosaic and outright offensive Pitch Brioche into an ‘edible whoopee cushion’. Singing songs about it on the guitar and melodica. Six hatting, S.U.C.C.E.S  checking, then writing songs about it again.

Stocking up on whoopee cushions, kazoos and poppers at Battersea Party Superstores reminded me of my Architecture days. Creating crazy concept models out of questionable materials, designing buildings and spaces to influence people’s moods and behaviours. Not too dissimilar to Adland actually. I often wonder what Architecture would have been like if they had implemented six hat thinking, S.U.C.C.E.Sing, as well as all the other techniques and processes taught at SCA. Very different.

Over the weekend was crunch time. The mad manic frantic spit and polish of an idea ready to present in various formats for Monday. However I enjoyed every sweat drenched second, because there’s nothing like the light, queazy, buzzy, floaty feeling of cracking up with a mate over the absurdity of an idea you’ve both pushed out, wondering where the hell it came from.

Below is a link to our Pitch Brioche radio outtakes.

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