Respect. @dkelly1504

By Daniel Kelly

Respect is checking the SCAB rota so you know when those group SCABs are due.

Respect is handing in work on time and appreciating people are depending on you.

Respect is putting the toilet seat down in a mixed gender household.

Respect is not pretending to ride your dog like it’s a tiny horse.

Respect is not falling asleep on the bus next to someone and then blocking them in so they miss their stop and are late for work.

Respect is two-puff-pass.

Respect is understanding not everybody in the car shares your appreciation for death metal or Indonesian tonal percussion.

Respect is not touching yourself through your pocket while talking to your friend’s mum.

Respect is not relying on your housemates as a bottomless supply of shower gel and black pepper.

Respect is flashing your headlights so oncoming traffic is aware of speed cameras ahead.

Respect is when somebody invites you to stay on their sofa and you’re not trying on all their clothes while they’re at work.

Respect is not farting in an elevator as you’re about to get off and you know the people in there have 4 more floors to go.

Respect is knowing sometimes you have to quit.

Respect is not letting your work suffer because of complicated personal problems.

Respect sometimes comes in list format.

Respect is sexy (think about it).

Respect is not mocking somebody for their unsound political beliefs.

Respect is being true to your word.

Respect is only offering advice when it’s certain it is desired.

Respect is treating others how you’d like to be tread.

Respect is treating others how you are treated.

Respect is paying your debts.

Respect is remembering who you owe what to.

Respect is making food for visitors instead of just ordering stuff.

Respect is not calling your ex at 3 in the morning to see how things are working out.

Respect is not drinking whiskey every ten minutes when visiting your family to deal with the pain.

Respect is trading frustration for perspective when you find yourself at odds with someone.

Respect is benefit of the doubt.

Respect is complimenting a friend’s gross baby on Facebook.

Respect is remembering your mum’s birthday.

Respect is flowers on the grave of a forgotten person.

Respect is easy and you have an excuse to not show it.

Respect is splitting the bill.

Respect is knowing when somebody wants to debate and when somebody just wants to make a point.

Respect should extend to other people’s hobbies and beliefs.

Respect is not snoring in somebody else’s vicinity

Respect is not taking hot food on public transport.

Respect is acceptance.

Respect is doing better than you’re doing right now.

Respect is dividing your time fairly amongst all those who require it.

Respect must extend to yourself.

Respect is only being offensive when you have a high threshold for being offended.

Respect is acknowledging all work has value.

Respect is honest.

Respect is only ever sincere.

Respect will only ever get you so far.

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